Charge Conference Information

NOTE: If there is not a date/time listed it is because I do not have the information. The Elder and/or Pastor need to be in contact with each other and contact Alanna ( with that information.

Helpful Documents for Before, During, and After the Charge Conference:

Required Forms for Charge Conference

2020 Pastoral Support Form I

Email a copy of the 2020 Form I (may be unsigned) to the District Office one week prior to your charge conference for review by the Superintendent.  

NOTE: Please provide these on white paper (may be printed on both sides) and with NO STAPLES OR BINDING. 
If you have any questions, please contact the District Office -  ( or call (515) 832-2784.

Required Forms for Charge Conference - Church Dashboard

  • Board of Trustees Report 
  • Church Membership Report
  • Historian Report 
  • Mission and Ministry Plan for 2020                                                                                                
  • Leadership Information Report  (Must be printed and turned in at the time of CC)

Required Non-Charge Conference Forms - Email by November 1 

Optional Forms - Church Dashboard

  • Certified Lay Minister Report
  • Lay Servant/Speaker Recommendation
  • Ministry Enlistment Report
  • School for Lay Ministry Report

Optional Forms - Submit at Charge Conference