NE District Preaching Conference

November 15, 2016

“So thankful to hear a variety of new thoughts and ideas on how to preach.”
“We all face similar challenges and can face them together with honesty and boldness.”
“Don’t be scared of preaching without notes.  The format Rhoda [Preston] gave was helpful.”


Rev. Dr. Dawn Chesser of Discipleship Ministries was the keynote preacher at the NE District's Preaching Conference.

These are among the learnings reported by participants in the recent NE District Preaching Conference.  The conference was the brainchild of Rev. Dr. Scott Meador, pastor at First UMC, Independence, and chair of the NE District Committee on Ordained Ministry.  The one day conference brought together clergy and lay speakers eager for new ideas, techniques, and inspiration for proclaiming God’s message.  The keynote presenter was Dr. Dawn Chesser, Director of Preaching Ministries at UMC Discipleship Ministries.  Participants heard a variety of sermons followed up by Q & A with the speakers.  Workshop sessions offered basic skills for beginning preachers and new ways to make the message fresh and relevant for experienced pastors.  “What an amazing day to see the engagement and commitment to growing as preachers of the Gospel,” said NE District Superintendent Jackie Bradford.  “The true sign of success--all participants stayed until the end.”   
Reflecting on the day, host and organizer Scott Meador said, “I think many felt inspired to keep doing the good work they are doing, as well as a nudge to get out of their comfort zones as they share the gospel.”  

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